NAYS is excited to be celebrating our 30th Anniversary of running Tournaments in 2022!

It is hard to believe that 30 years have passed so quickly! Way back in 1991, we ran our first youth basketball tournament in the little town of Reedsville, Wisconsin with 29 teams. We must have done something right.....the next year we had 109 teams!

We began running events because for the previous two years, as the number of teams in our organization grew, we were having a difficult time finding tournaments to play in at a reasonable cost. Now, we encompass both boys and girls in grades 4-12 and hold tournaments all over the United States.

THANK YOU for making us the most successful and largest firm in the USA that is solely devoted to youth basketball! We are continuing to add many new and exciting aspects to our program to better serve you, the client, and look forward to having you join us in our 30th anniversary specia tournament celebration!


North American Youth Sports


We would like to take a few moments to personally welcome you to the North American Youth Sports basketball program. We are entering our 30th season, and have grown from an infant organization with just one grade school team to an organization that now encompasses teams from nearly 40 states, and has had players involved from several foreign countries.  We have nearly 50-100 basketball events across the country each year.  Our goals are to provide quality and affordable youth basketball tournaments for the youth of North America. We feel that as you proceed through this site, you will see why we are the fastest growing youth basketball program on the continent.  Lower costs, more games, and more advantages for you...the STUDENT-ATHLETE.  May your experiences in NAYS be memorable regardless of the results on the scoreboard. We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our many events!



North American Youth Sports has its roots dating back to 1989, with just one team of grade school players.  Goals of the organization are to promote the interest in and the growth of youth basketball in a fun and positive atmosphere, where winning is not the primary focus, but building skills for later basketball successes in foremost.


Unlike other organizations, teams do not need to "qualify" to play in any NAYS tournaments.  All teams, no matter what your affiliation, can participate in any NAYS tournament.  To register all you need to do is send NAYS the appropriate entry form and attach the entry fee or simply register here on our website.  ANY TEAM is able to participate in the NATIONAL TOURNAMENT as well!  Listed here is a brief description of our tournaments and costs:

Spring tournaments-- a guarantee of  3-4 games for $200-$290!

Regional tournaments - a guaranteed 5 games for $310-$385!

NAYS National Tournaments - a guarantee of 7 games for $475!

These are the MINIMUM GAMES GUARANTEED!...Most teams receive more!

Spring tournaments are run from March through May in  3-4 game minimum form. The regional tournaments run on  weekends in June or July and guarantee at least 5 games. Spring tournaments and summer regional tournaments are scheduled on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. The national tournaments are usually during one of the last few weeks of July during a three day period and are a 7 game guarantee, overlapping one weekend during the college exposure period.


Dollar for dollar, North American Youth Sports is the least expensive youth basketball organization in the USA and offers activities and opportunities for players of all skill level.  There is just one participation cost, and that is the team entry fee listed for each tournament!