Grade level is determined by the grade level from the CURRENT school year. For example, if a player is in grade 8 right now, they can play in the 8th grade bracket, or any older bracket. Once summer arrives, you are still an 8th grader for this example. You don't officially become a 9th grader until the first day of the next school year.

      There are NO REFUNDS if you drop out of a tournament. If you drop out before the tournament is scheduled, you may transfer your fees to a different event. If you drop out after an event has been scheduled, you lose your entry fee, as we are still contracted to pay for the gym rental and officials for the games scheduled for you.

     Go to the "tournaments" button in the menu above to see the available package discounts.

     NAYS officers like to have good interaction with sponsors, so we request that you call us at 866-352-5915 between 8AM and 4PM, Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. We will be happy to discuss one of our many sponsorship options with you!

    Please understand that most times when people call, we can not give them an honest answer! We might be weeks or days before a tournament entry deadline, and there may only be a few entries received. You might not realize it, but people usually send their entries in within a few of days of the deadline, so tournaments usually multiply in size ten-fold right at the deadline. We ask teams to enter on their own merits, not based on what other teams are doing because if everyone does so, we'll have a very nice bracket! However, if you call 3 weeks before the entry deadline and there is only 1 team that registered early, you will get the false assumption that the tournament will be small, which will not be the case if everyone just sends in their entries before the deadline.
     Additionally, if you don't send in an entry out of a concern for the number of teams in a bracket and call after the entry deadline, you usually won't be able to get in because the tournament will have been filled, scheduled, and closed. Thus, it always pays to register early. Remember, if on the odd instance that we can't provide you a bracket with the minimum number of games, we will either refund your entry or allow you to transfer your fees to a different NAYS event of your choice.

Q. How come NAYS can't tell us what grade level teams of players in our bracket is made up of?
      Remember, you do not submit a roster until you arrive at the event (which should be completed IN ADVANCE, not at the entrance table!) The same can be said for every team. Thus, NAYS does not know, for example, if a 5th-6th grade team is all 5th graders, all 6th graders, or a combination of both. Requests to be placed against certain teams or levels of competition are impossible to do, as we have no idea who is on what team, and again, scheduling is randomly done by computer. We do not do hand-scheduling. As we also do not scout the thousands of teams that enter out tournaments nationwide, we have no idea of team skill levels. Also, as teams move up in the grade level brackets from year to year, what applied one year would not apply the next year, as each bracket is made up of new teams each year.