Has My Entry Been Received?


1. All brackets and schedules will be relaesed on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the tournament. If you don't see your team name on them, we haven't received your registration.

2. If you have charged your entry on a credit card, check with your credit card company to make sure the charges have appeared to confirm your entry.

3. If you are sending overnight entries via the postal service, UPS, or Fed Ex, you should confirm the receipt of the entry with your carrier, as these may not be able to be posted here in time. This can be done on the website for the appropriate carrier.

4. Additionally, we e-mail confirmation of your entry to the e-mail provided on your entry form. Make sure to check your spam box for these if they are not in your regular mail, as sometimes they get sent there through no fault of NAYS or yourself. Many people have sent us e-mails that do not work or are unreadable, so it is your responsibility to make sure we have a readable, working e-mail, as this is where your schedule and needed forms will also be sent for the tournament.

5. Please DO NOT call us to verify your entry until you have used the methods above. We will tell you to do this first if you call. Please understand that we have a small staff who is working hard to log in entries, do scheduling, and get information out to you as fast as possible. Your use of the above methods will help us save time and costs so we can serve you better. Thanks!