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We specialize in basketball tournaments, youth basketball & kids basketball

We offer many basketball tournaments such as:

  • Youth Basketball Tournaments
  • Summer Basketball Tournaments
  • Kids Basketball Tournaments
  • National Basketball Tournaments
  • Girls Basketball Tournaments

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Come celebrate with us as we enter our 25th season of youth basketball competition in 2015!


Discount Packages for Spring and Summer Tournaments in Illinois and Wisconsin!

While many people take advantage of our package discounts for summer NAYS events when coupling them with the national NAYS tournament, some teams participate only in one season or the other. To that extent, we are offering package discounts to individual teams who attend 2 or more spring tournaments, as well as clubs/schools/groups that bring more than one team to one or more spring tournaments in Wisconsin and Illinois!
The same type of offer will also apply to summer tournaments, and perhaps best of all, you can apply your participation in both spring AND summer tournaments to discounts on the national NAYS tournament. NAYS staff will be happy to speak with you, via phone, to get the best possible discount package for your team, club, school, or group.